Image by Pietro De Grandi

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" Dr. Sam is a genuine, caring chiropractor who I am so happy to have found. 

I was always really nervous to go to a chiropractor. As soon as I met her, I felt comfortable and heard right away. She genuinely listened to me about the discomfort I was experiencing and about my nervousness for chiro. She explained what was happening every step of the way to ensure I was aware of what the treatment involved and what to expect from that. Having informed care is incredibly important and she definitely took the time to be as informative as possible.


Her ART treatments were effective and her adjustments were NEVER painful, harsh or unexpected. After being treated by Dr.  Sam, I realize that chiropractic treatment is not as scary as it seems. Dr. Sam took the time to get to know me from day one and I really appreciate having a provider who remembers me, without having to have a paper in her hand. I value that she doesn’t rush me or try to push me out the door.  


As a woman, I wholeheartedly feel safe, respected and cared for in her treatment room. My treatments have helped me relieve jaw, neck and back discomfort greatly and learning to manage it has been so helpful. She is such a happy, positive and knowledgeable chiropractor who is amazing at her job and I can’t say thank you enough." 

- Kelly